Winter rallies in Norway

No sensible person in their right mind would ever go to a motorcycle rally in Norway in the winter. Except you, you badass! Welcome!

Don’t worry if you don’t know any of the rally attendees. They are all fantastic and accomodating people! These are the most common and regularly held winter rallies in Norway:

The Woodgatherer Rally (“Vedsamleren”)


These guys stays at the so-called Kola Penisula – a camp area at the rally usually reserved for those who arrive on Russian made bikes (Ural, Dnepr, IZH)

When: Every first full weekend after 14 October, which is the first official winter day in Norway
Where: At Fjorda, Bjoneroa, in Oppland county (same as the Primus Rally – see below
Attendance: Usually 50-60 bikers inaugurating the Winter Riding Season.
Organizers: Nobody. People just show up on the correct weekend year after year.
Attention: You need to bring everything you need to this rally. No amenities available on site. Tent & sleeping bag event. Usually no snow, but be prepared for cold nights!
More info: The regular attendees have a Facebook page where you can source more info. They are mostly Norwegians, but are happy to respond to your questions in English.


The New Year’s Rally (“NyttÃ¥rstreffet”)


Food is an important part of a balanced diet – so also at the New Year’s Rally. This is Roy, one of the regular attendees.

When: Every first weekend after New Year’s Eve (but DO check – sometimes it is the 2nd weekend…)
Where: At Trollsvannet in Vestfold county. It’s a big parking space in the middle of the forrest, near the Trollsvann Lake, but is rarely in use at this time of year.
Attendance: 20-30 hard core winter riders.
Organizers: Sandefjord MC Club
Attention: Also here you’ll need to bring everything you need. Be prepared for fireworks! Tent & sleeping bag event.
More info: You can send them an e-mail to this address. Or this address.


The Krystall Rally


The late Putte on his Corda, trying to tow my dead Ural into a start at the Krystall Rally back in 2006. We didn’t succeed…

When: Mid-February. Date and location is always properly communicated on the Krystall Rally web page well in advance of the rally itself.
Where: It has been held here and there, but in latter years it’s at Oset Mountain Lodge in Gol, Buskerud county. Check the web page for exact location.
Attendance: I’ve only been there once, but I would guess ca 100-150 riders. A lot of different nationalities.
Organizers: The Krystall Rally Committee.
Attention: This is a hotel rally, and is as such a soft introduction to the finer qualities of winter motorcycle riding. The organizers do not allow for tent camping e.g. on the hotel parking lot…
More info: The Krystall Rally web page.


The Primus Rally


Chillin’ by the camp fire at the Primus Rally.

When: Always the last full weekend of February
Where: At Fjorda, Bjoneroa, in Oppland county. Same place as the Woodgatherer Rally (see top of page)
Attendance: ca 150 riders. A lot of different nationalities, especially Danes, Germans and Swedes. But even Scots, Brits, Belgians, French, Finns and Italians have been there. And Americans, Spaniards, Dutch, et cetera, et cetera.
Organizers: It’s said to be the Norwegian Primus Union, but nobody really knows. Again, people just show up. You can buy NPU sticker there, though, if the guy that sells them is there.
Attention: Again you need to bring all you need to this rally. Be properly prepared for really cold winter weather (although we have experienced plus degrees and rain, however rare). THE winter rally in Norway! Tent & sleeping bag event.
More info: Like with the Woodgatherer Rally, Primus rally goers maintain a Facebook page. Post your questions there – it’s a helpful bunch!

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