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Julian’s Journey to Nordkapp

Britton Julian Davies undertook a month-long trip to Nordkapp and beyond to raise money for the battle against cancer.


Julian Davies is a Brit restaurant owner and – above all – a motorcycle enthusiast. Here with his trusty Suzuki V-strom which he rode on his epic journey.

Julian visited Nordkapp in May. While this may be a good month to ride in other parts of Europe, you may encounter snow and even blizzards when passing the Arctic Circle. Which is what Julian experienced. He also outran Hells Angels in Denmark, was invited to a meal and a bed by some Norwegian farmers, found Troll droppings outside his camp cabin, had coffee in a hotel manager’s office – and a lot more. Read about his amazing journey, chronicheled by Steve Evans, and see the images: Julian’s Blog – By Steve Evans

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To Hell with Dean

Dean Marshall, a UK based Honda 750 Africa Twin rider, rode his trusty steed from London to Hell, Trøndelag County. Below are the images from his trip.


Dean Marshall.

Here’s what Dean wrote:

Hi! Some pics of my solo trip London to Hell and back August 2017. I didn’t get to the Artic circle as planned because of the torrential rain in Norway that summer. I was delayed by about 8 days so had no time to go further north. I’m leaving London on the 15th of July (2019) to try to get to Nordkapp as I feel I have unfinished business. Having read your blog I have decided to go to Asp and follow the route 17 to Bodo then on to the Lofoten Islands.

Tusen takk.

Dean Marshall

You’re welcome, Dean – we’re looking forward to seeing your images from your trip to Nordkapp as well. And welcome back!

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Gone touring!

If postings appears to be rare, it’s because I’m out there enjoying Norway in the most fantastic summer we’ve had since 1947.

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Let me correct that: The most fantastic summer since 1947 in the South of Norway. In the North, the weather is record-breaking miserable, although at time of writing this, it seems to clear up a bit.

Anyway: In the South, we’ve had a steady state of sun and warmth – real warmth – for some two consecutive months. Oslo has been the warmes capital in Europe for a while, and it’s so dry that there is a total ban on open fire everywhere. In the South, I mean. Up North, you can still light your barbeque, if you find that comforting.

This, of course, calls for adventures! There are plenty of bikes roaming the roads everywhere, and I hope some of you had the chance to experience this. I am, so if you find postings rare, it’s because I’m out there. In Hardanger, Fjorda, Stryn, Hornindal, Fiskevollen – boy, this is a summer to remember.

I hope to see you on the road somewhere! Have a great summer!

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Cool rallies in Norway

So you’re planning on doing a winter bike trip to Norway? You badass! Welcome! Here are the tips on how to prepare and where to go.


Winter motorcycle riding does not involve any magic tricks. Just some common sense and a few preparations. It’s a whole new world awaiting you out there!

Winter riding is – if not common, so at least not unusual among Norwegian riders. Judging by the attendance at our winter rallies, it’s quite popular also among riders from abroad. Brits, Italians, Spaniards, Germans, Belgians, French, Danes, Swedes, and more: They have all been here, and keep coming, to experience this wonderful world of winter riding. And some even to have a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

But where to go? How do I prepare? Where are the rallies? And when are they? Do not despair: RideNorway is here to help!

Firstly: If you’re new to this game, make sure you are all set to ride in the winter landscape. There are no magic tricks involved, just common sense – and a few preparations. You will find all the info you need right here.

Secondly: Here is a list of some of the best winter rallies in Norway, commencing in October and ending in February. Alas, you will be too late for two of them, but you can still make the others.

A whole new, wonderful winter world awaits you! Enjoy!

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Last year in review

Whereas 2017 in many ways was not what we would hope for, it was a brilliant riding year. Here are a few glimpses of last year’s fun. What is your image of 2017?


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We want to see yours!

We want to see YOUR Image of Norway!

My riding buddy Jon captured this image on our way from the North Cape. He really wanted a pic with his Triumph in front of these racks that is used to dry fish. An Image of Norway. Photo: Jon Whitmore

Jon captured this image on his way from the North Cape. He really wanted a pic with his Triumph in front of these racks that is used to dry fish. An Image of Norway.
Photo: Jon Whitmore (2012)

If you have been to Norway on your bike, I am sure you have a picture that defines your experience of this country. Now we want to see it! Just that one picture that you think is the quintessence of your ride here: Was it that sunny night at the North Cape? Was it the rain and fog in Bergen? Maybe when you encountered snow beside the road over one of the mountain crossings? Whatever it is, we really want to see it! Wherever you’re from, Norway or abroad – let us see it.

Send it to me for posting on, or post it directly on the Facebook page. A few details regarding your pic would be welcome too.

We’re all looking forward to your Image of Norway!

Even the camp sites in the Lofoten Islands are magnificent. Is this how you picture Norway? Photo: Jon Whitmore (2012)

Even the camp sites in the Lofoten Islands are magnificent. Is this how you picture Norway? Photo: Jon Whitmore (2012)

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Size doesn’t matter in Norway

For riding in Norway, practically any bike size will do. Actually, a too big one will probably be more restrictive than a smaller one.

Choosing a smaller capacity, light bike makes it easier to venture to the secluded, nice places in the forest.

Choosing a smaller capacity, light bike makes it easier to venture to the secluded, nice places in the forest, for example.

Of course you’ll have fun on your Triumph Rocket III. Even – to a certain degree – on your Boss Hoss, if that’s what you have, even though you might struggle in the tightest bends of the Lysebotn serpentines. I have toured extensively on several bikes, mainly Guzzis from 750 ccm upwards to my California 1400. I must admit, though, that in the last year or two I have toured more and more on my small capacity Yamaha WR250R. It’s more than adequate for the low speed, narrow Norwegian back roads, where you should spend most of your time anyway, while still being able to do highways (which are a max of 110 km/h anyway) without being stressed. Why, my daughter and I have even toured on a couple of pizza delivery mopeds. We didn’t venture too far on those, but it is still doable.

There are not that many long, boring highways in Norway. Except for the southern parts of the E6 and E18, and a few stretches around Trondheim, Stavanger and Bergen, the roads are usually quite small enough to be capable of catering for 125 ccm bikes too. Which means that if you have a learner youngster at home who wants to tag along, or you are a learner yourself: Do not that let it prevent you from coming over.

It’s the mindset that counts – not the tool, right?


My current favorite touring machine, a Yamaha WR250R, fitted with an extra large tank for extended range and a pannier rack for soft bags.



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