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2 December: Top 3 roadside snacks of Norway

Norwegians celebrate “Jul” (from old norse Yule) on 24 December. RideNorway is counting down to Winter Solstice with trip planning tips and trivia!

2 December: Top 3 Roadside snacks of Norway

Norwegian chefs are actually very competent. They win Bocuse d’Or, and the Nordic’s only 3 star Michelin Restaurant is in Oslo. But as the smart biker that you are, you will not burn your hard earned money there, as you have motorcycle gas tanks to fill and places to go. As you are curious by default, you of course wonder what this country has to offer when it comes to local specialities – in particular roadside snacks. You have heard of lutefisk, smoked sheep’s head, and other delicacies. These are not the roadside snacks you are looking for, and besides they are hardly available in the summer. You want local specialities that you can savour en route, and these are our Top 3 Roadside Snacks of Norway:



Dried reindeer heart. What’s not to like? (Image:

Dried reindeer heart. It might sound pretty hefty, but rest assured, it is probably some of the most tasty cured meat you’ll ever have. It is hard to come by in the Southern parts of Norway, as there are no reindeer herds there (apart from in the Røros area), but you can get some in the North (and Røros). Also perfect with a wee dram and beer after a day’s ride! A good substitute for this delicacy will be dried, plain reindeer meat.



Valldal strawberries. Buckets of taste bombs! (Image:

Strawberries from Valldal, Toten and Biri. Every other country claims to have the best strawberries. They are all wrong. The very, very best strawberries are found in Valldal, Toten and Biri. We kid you not. When you are in the Geiranger area, you will find numerous outlets selling Valldal berries. Just North of Oslo you will find Toten and Biri, where they grow berries that are only matched by those from Valldal. You will find roadside strawberry sellers who will provide you with these savoury taste bombs. Make sure you ask for Toten and Biri strawberries!


Tørrfisk lofoten no

Dried cod. A snack for special occasions. (Image:


Dried cod. When you go to Lofoten, this is what you need to get. They sell small bags of dried cod in practically any store (also in the South of Norway). If you want to be like the locals, you buy a whole dried fish. It may smell a bit after a while when resting in your pannier, though, so the bagged version may be preferred. It is high on protein, and very tasty – at least when you learn to appreciate the taste. Also a winner in combination with a beer.

So what do you think? Will you try all these when you come to Norway? Or do you have other favourites that you have sampled when visiting us? Let us know in the comments below!

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