The Dalsnibba peak gives you perhaps the most magnificent view of the Geiranger fjord, and you can get there easily with your bike.


View from the top of Dalsnibba. You can see the Geiranger fjord in the distance. (Photo: Stefan Krause 2007/Wikimedia Commons)

Dalsnibba is a mountain peak nearly 1500 meters high. Its popularity as a viewpoint where you can gaze over the Geiranger fjord and its surroundings has resulted in the road up there being paved all the way, and you might have to expect some tourist traffic – but it is definitely worth it, even if you have to pay a few kroner to get to the top! The road was built right after the Trollstigen road was finished back in the 1930s, so its history as a tourist waypoint goes way back.

When you follow the Road 63 between Geiranger and Road 15, you will find the exit to the Dalsnibba well signposted, so it’s easy to locate. In the intersection there is also a small lodge, the Djupvasshytta, where you can spend the night or grab something to eat.


My BMW K1200Gt when I visited Djupvasshytta and Dalsnibba a couple of years ago.



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