On the west side of Andøya there is a campsite where you can pitch your tent close to the sea. The view from your tent opening is nothing short of spectacular!

On the west side of Andøya there is a campsite where you can pitch your tent close to the sea. The view from your tent opening is nothing short of spectacular!

Get to ride the Troll’s Ladder, Trollstigen, and feel the water from the waterfalls in your face as you and your bike climb up the steep, windy road. Stop on the Atlantic Road, get out your fishing rod, and catch today’s supper. Stop at Andøya to pitch your tent by the ocean and see the midnight sun kiss the water while you enjoy a wee dram.

But how do you get there? Here you will find route suggestions from myself and fellow riders who are happy to share their best motorcycle routes in Norway. All are in Google Map format, so that they are easy to plot and share.

If you have a great route your fellow riders should know of – please share! Remember: This is by riders, for riders, and strictly non-commercial. Thank you, and enjoy the planning!


16 thoughts on “Routes

  1. we are couple from Sweden and are planning for a trip to Norway this summer on motorcycle. What is the best route would you recommend for a 10-15 days trip? thanks !

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  2. Mathys Lammers


    I am thinking about going to Norway this summer, three weeks in august. I am planning to take the ferry from Denmark to Oslo both ways. I want to see the north cape, i have no interest in cities or musea (not on a motorcycle holiday anyway.) So nature, scenery, motorcycle roads etc.
    Do you have or know where i can get GPX tracks (or comparable files) for this? Complete round trip from and to Oslo would be best.


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  3. Hello Hans,

    First of thank you for the great info in this website and compiling and sharing the info – speaks about your dedication in a big way 🙂

    Could you email me any google maps (very similar to Mathys request above) as well, please? I will be arriving in Aug as well from the UK and am very keen on capturing as much as I can in the 10 odd days (not interested in cities).



  4. Alastair

    Hello Hans,

    I’m looking to explore Norway heading over from the UK through May/June and camping along the way. I would be grateful of any guidance on the best route and also any key points or guidance you can offer.

    Thanks Alastair


  5. tim

    Hi, great webpage. I cannot browse the routes, tried with different browsers. Could you please check. Thanks! Tim


  6. Hi,
    Thanks so much for making this website! What a great tool for bikers! I’m planning on riding from London, getting the ferry from Denmark to Oslo and from there I have 4 weeks to explore your beautiful country.
    Could you please email me any routes youd reccomend. I want to see EVERYTHING!No interest in cities, just mountains, sea, landscapes and wild camping spots.
    Many thanks


    • Hi Abbey, welcome to Norway!

      I set up the page namely to tip riders on potential routes. I am afraid I have no capacity to tailormake routes to everyone that contact me. Please have a look at the routes suggestions on the website, and get back to me if you have additional questions. Happy planning! 🙂


  7. Victor Bonilla

    I’m thinking about taking the Ferry from Hirtshals to Stavanger. I was going to ride from Kristiansand but due to conflicting schedules and room availability in Kristiansand, taking the ferry may be the right move. Will I be missing any interesting roads or sights by taking the ferry? I’ll be riding in Norway for 3 + weeks during my 3 months ride of Europe.


    • Hi, you will miss the North Sea Road from Kristiansand (or rather Flekkefjord) towards Stavanger, but it is no tragedy – you will enter Norway in Stavanger from where there are numerous very scenic roads wherever you choose to go, although I would recommend going along the Western coast northbound.


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