Renting a bike in Norway

A lot of you are asking me where to rent a bike in Norway. I have never rented bikes in Norway myself, but these are the ones I know of.

DISCLAIMER: I have never rented from any of those mentioned below, and I do not know anything about their prices, service etc. I cannot vouche for, nor do I have commercial ties to, any of them – but at least you have someone to ask.


Let me know, and I’ll post your offering on this page. It’s for free!


BMW: Speed MC in Sandefjord is a BMW dealer. It’s a tad away from the main airport Gardermoen, but close to the airport at Torp.

Email: click here
Phone: +47 33487000
Address: Skolmar 30, 3232 Sandefjord

HONDA/KAWASAKI/SUZUKI: On their webpage, Monsterbikes in Drammen south of Oslo advertises rentals of a range of Kawasaki, Suzuki and Hondas (including the new Africa Twin).

Email: click here
Phone: +47 32811700
Address: Kobbervikdalen 93B, 3036 Drammen

YAMAHA/HONDA/BMW: MC-Senteret in Kristiansand in the far south advertises a few bikes for rent on their homepage.

Email: click here
Phone: +47 38092900
Address: Dronningens gate 59, 4610 Kristiansand

KAWASAKI: MC-Partner at Skedsmokorset not far from Gardermoen Airport is a Kawa dealer, renting out bikes too.

Email: click here
Phone: +47 64838181
Address: Industriveien 7, 2020 Skedsmokorset

KAWASAKI: HS MC-Senter in Ås near Oslo. This is a Kawasaki dealer, and has one full-rigged Versys 1000 and a Z900RS for hire.

Email: click here
Phone: +47 64943737
Address: Langbakken 16, 1434 Ås

INDIAN: Twin Thunder in Lyngdal, not too far from Kristiansand harbor and airport. This is a Polaris dealer, and you can rent Indian motorcycles from them. At the shop’s web site it says rentals is a new service they are now offering.

Email: click here
Phone: +47 41620176
Address: Sandveien 12, 4580 Lyngdal

BMW: Espen lives in Stavanger from where he is renting out two well-maintained, properly insured 1995 BMW R1100RS. He also offers route planning and/or guiding if required.

Email: click here
Phone: +47 90927973

VARIOUS BIKES: There is a service called where private bike owners offer their bikes for hire. The bikes will be properly insured through the hygglo page. I have never used this service, so please make your own research, but prices seems pretty good.

ADVENTURE-READY BIKES: A bike-for-hire company called Adv-MC Rental Norway have proper adventure-ready bikes for you to hire. According to their web page, the bikes come readily equipped for serious touring duty. You can also rent travel equipment – all for a price, of course. They are situated in Drammen, some 50 kms south of Oslo.

Email: Click here
Phone: +47 46396728
Address: Nypeveien 4A, 3032 Drammen

BMW/HONDA: MotorTeknikk in Kristiansand at the very south of Norway, port for the ferry to Denmark, have mainly BMW and Hondas for hire. You may, however, ask for other options.

Email: Click here
Phone: +47 38 01 01 01
Address: Stemmane 25 (P.O. Box 9023), Sørlandsparken, 4696 Kristiansand

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