It's me. HP.

It’s me. HP.

My name is Hans Petter Strifeldt, and as you might have guessed, I’m a Norwegian. Since I started riding bikes around 1990, I have always been a great fan of riding in my home country. Sure, it is great fun to have a blast through Germany, enjoy a franciacorta with motorcycle friends in Italy, get muddy and happy at the Dragon Rally in Wales, ride with an angle in the strong winds of the Shetlands, get amazed by the beauty of Scotland, find calmness in Sicily, and flatness in Denmark. But beyond the fact that I have not been everywhere on this planet, Norway is still on top of my list of places I like to ride. Its diversity in nature and weather, paired with great motorcycle roads, makes it in my view close to a motorcycle heaven. With more than 2500 kms from south to north, more than 100.000 kms of coast line (2nd only to Canada in length, actually), and still many unexplored roads to find, I have plenty of places to go and things to see even if I live my day-to-day life here.

Bike-wise I am a Guzzi-head, but also appreciate the finer qualities of light enduro bikes of Austrian and Japanese origin.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and who knows – maybe we’ll see each other on the road somewhere?

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  1. You’ve convinced me, Hans. I will definitely make Norway my destination for this summer’s European trip. Thanks for all the good suggestions on this blog. They will help me a lot as I plan my trip. By the way — I am impressed with your command of the English language. As a man who takes great pride in using the language correctly myself, I think it is wonderful, in a sad sort of way, that someone from Norway can express himself so clearly in English, while so many of my fellow Americans, who grew up using the language, torture it to death.

    Cheers and best wishes,
    (A VStrom rider from Illinois)

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  2. Grant Ridout

    Hi Hans,enjoyed reading about Norway on your blog,i have visited about two years when i was on a cruise ship but its not the same. So impressed with what i did see that i am returning in june on my bike with an old friend of mine. We usually favour the hotter climates of Spain,italy etc but are looking forward to a total change of culture,scenery and weather.

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  3. mister.blank.e@gmail.com

    Hi Hans! I think…hope I will come to Norway soon…

    …and that would be on some 250 enduro I’d say.

    I want to be mostly camping, where this is possible, of course with most respect for my natural environment. It will be the first trip of this kind to me.

    Few weeks ago I planned going to south america, but shifted that to the future for a couple of reasons. I come from Germany, thats where I usually live, but since I finished my bachelor studies last year I often change place and I am not resident anywhere, up to this point without motorcycle however.

    Before I get to master studies, maybe in october, I want to travel through nature by motorcycle. For some reasons it would be very unpractical to become resident in Germany again before I go on with my studies, so at this point my main problem is to somehow legally buy, register, and insure a bike without being a resident anywhere.
    Looks like it could be possible in UK or Ireland. I contacted someone through the HUBB and hope for a positive reply.
    Do you think it could work out in a scandinavian country?

    Anyway I think your site will be of help to me if I come to Norway – thanks for that! 🙂 and have a good ride…

    Kind regards,

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    • Hi Ettore, thanks for your posting!

      I am not sure how easy it would be to buy a bike for your purpose in Scandinavia, but I can check if you will. Otherwise, I suspect that the UK or Ireland would be far cheaper.
      Nature-wise, it’s hard to beat Norway. Let me know what you are looking for, and I’d be happy to recommend trips and routes that may suit your wishes.
      Anyway: Welcome to Norway, whenever you’d choose to come!


      • Ettore

        Hi Hans! And thanks for your friendly reply!

        Due to organizational tasks I couldn’t get back to you earlier.

        In any case it would be interesting to know about the situation in the scandinavian countries if you can find out. But I also don’t expect it to be convenient/cheep…it’ll probably be easier to get the bike somewhere else.

        It’s really about experiencing the nature for me. It’ not even necessarily on a motorbike, also by feet or cycling. But this time I thought to give it a try with a motorcycle, also of course, I could see much more.
        I like altitudes, being on mountains/hills, or see them from the valley. I also like huge water scenes, like the sea for example (fjords, lakes). And when I can combine both (water, altitudes) it’s best.
        Generally I have a tendency to simple, ‘dry’ (in a sense), rather ‘stoney’ (or dusty) than ‘planty’ environment and sceneries. With rather less wildlife/insects.

        I hope I will manage it successfully.


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  4. Hi Hans,
    I really appreciate your blog and information. I’m an American living in Panama (Central America) and will be riding through Norway this in late May and June. I’ve ridden all of north and south America and last year bought a bike in Ireland that I rode through Eastern Europe and the Slavic countries. I fly back to Frankfurt to pick it up in mid May, then head for Scandinavia. I plan on at least a couple of weeks going north in Norway.

    I hope we can meet up along the way… love to buy you a beer! Let me know how we can get together.


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    • Hi there! Sure we can meet, let me know your itinerary and we can go for a ride or just have a beer. Welcome to Norway!


      • Steven Barnett

        Hi Hans,
        I’m currently in Copenhagen, heading up to Norway tomorrow. I’ll be in Oslo on Monday night, then heading north. It would be great to get together for a beer (and some ideas 🙂 )
        Let me know how to contact you.

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      • Great! Mail me on strifeldt (att) hotmail com and I’ll send you my details.


  5. Hi Hans,

    My plans are generally pretty flexible (that’s my way of saying I never know where I’m going until I get there) but I’ll let you know as I’m approaching. I expect it will be somewhere around the 28th of May, give or take.

    What city are you in? Send me a private email with your contact info.


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  6. Great that i found this blog, since my trip to Nordkapp should be on week 27 & 28.
    I will probably follow your step more or less. Probably will add Atlantic Road and Kjeragbolten also.

    Greetings from Kongsberg

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  7. Jasper

    Great blog!

    Relatively novice motorbiker here, but planning a trip in May to Sweden (short) then drive down from Narvik to Alesund. (Will most likely book cottages and cheapish hotels.)

    Will try to spend extra time in the Lofoten, Helgelandskysten and do the Atlantic Road.

    One question I do have though, is as to what the normal etiquette is at the inland ferries.
    Are you expected to get in queue or should I just filter through and put the bike at the front?

    Greeting from the Netherlands

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    • Thanks Jasper, and welcome!
      Your Sweden stay should be short. Not much to see 😉 Seems like your Norway experience will be good, though, given the places you want to visit.
      With regard to inland ferries etiquette: You are expected to go to the front of the queue as the ferry crew usually stash the bikes in the tighter spots not suitable for cars.

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  8. Jasper


    I was wondering if it would be considered rude, but I hadn’t thought about the space consideration you mention. Especially on the Helgelandskysten we’ll have to tackle quite a few ferries, and I was wondering.

    Thank you for the quick response.

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  9. Any time, Jasper, any time.


  10. Hi Hans,

    I write for the American magazine Motorcyclist (#2 distribution behind Cycle World) and am trying to plan a rather spontaneous trip to Norway before the end of July. I wonder if you’d be willing to chat a bit via email?

    Jack Lewis

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  11. Erwin Homan

    Hi Hans Petter, a nice collection of stories, tips and general information you have. Have visited Norway many times with a tarmac-only motorcycle. In June, I will go again on my Honda CRF250L, a light enduro. I know about RV258 and Tronfjellet and a few other dirt roads. Do you have other suggestions for scenic gravel roads to explore with only modest off tarmac skills? Thanks. Erwin

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  12. ianmelrose

    Great blog HP. My wife and I have visited the fjords on a cruise and fallen in love with Norway. Ever since I have wanted to return on the bike and now I have the information I need so thank you for that. I feel a 2017 trip coming on.

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  13. Karen

    Counting down the days, only 250 more to go before we land in Oslo, pick up the bikes and take the trip of a lifetime. You have been such a great help in planning this trip.

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  14. Victor

    Hello Hans. My friend Steve and I leave the UK via Hull to Rotterdam then up through Germany and Denmark arriving Stavanger 31 July 0630 on the Hirtshals ferry. Really looking forward to our trip to Nordkapp, then south through Finmark and crossing central Sweden and back to Denmark via Kristiansand to Hirtshals ferry four weeks later. Regards Victor

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  15. Hans! This site is really handy, thank you so much. I’m coming over from New Zealand in June, planning to rent a motorcycle in Denmark and ride through Norway, Sweden and back to Denmark. Are you able to point me in the direction of any reliable rental places in Copenhagen? Cheers.

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  16. Hi Hans. I moved to Stavanger and brought my bike over from the UK. I plan to ride from Stavanger up to Lofoten in July 2017 (this year). Catch me on twitter. Great Blog.

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  17. juancarlos

    Hello Hans P. I hope to contact you soon. I want share information with you. Regards,
    Juan Carlos Barceló

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  18. Hei Hans

    Thanks so much for putting this blog together. It’s brilliant! I’m travelling to Norway (for the 6th time!) in July/August next year but it will be my first doing a ride there. I’m planning on travelling from Oslo to Kirkenes and back. Super excited! The information you’ve shared is really appreciated.

    Hilsen fra Australia

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  19. Karen

    Having returned from Norway 3 weeks ago, I am already dreaming about going back. 19 days and 2500 miles was not enough to satisfy my need to explore the country of my ancestors. Hans you made this trip exactly what you said it would. “The trip of a lifetime” and I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you so much for all your help in planning our trip. Even with all the rain and cloudy days we had it was more than I had dreamed it would be. The guys can’t stop talking about the TWISTIES. Roads we will never encounter here in the US. Your suggestion for Route 500 & 986 from Lysebotn were my favorite roads. I am just bummed that we let the GPS route us away from 987. Our next adventure will include northern Norway, Loften Islands, & Nordkapp. Again thank you for all your help, even the suggestion for the Braastad XO was a hit, I am told it’s the best he’s ever had.


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    • Hi, I am glad you got what you wanted – perhaps with the rain as a small exception – and I hope to welcome you to Norway and Nordkapp again soon! Take care, and enjoy the Braastad 🙂


  20. Tarvi

    Me and my friend are planning to take Nordkapp next summer and I wanted to ask about Norway roads. Especially theoretical average speed, time and actual time, speed. For example: from Alta to Tromso Google map shows 397km and time spent about 6h (or Tromso to Sørvågen: 546km and about 8h). As I know roads are very twisty in Norway therefore I am not sure how accurate google map is time wise? Can I believe Google map in that sense? Of course it might depends on the breaks during the drive.

    Best regards

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    • Hi there! I think it’s pretty accurate in actual riding time, but as you say: breaks, fueling, road constructions and whatnot will see you use a bit more time. I usually recon 1 hr pr 60 kms as an average.


  21. Hi Hans – A great blog you have here and some really good honest information – Im planning a trip in August for 10 days which was originally just Sweden..but I think I will be missing the main event if I don’t get to Norway.

    Definitely wont get anywhere near NordKapp but may be Gothenburg to Trondheim then across to Sundsvall, Swedish coast then back to Malmo via Stockholm

    Only have 10-12 days from home in Normandy in France

    Any advice on the Norwegian element of this? – Taking the ferry from Puttgarden to Roedby

    Maybe chat some more for links on our websites


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    • Hi there, Rich – and a warm welcome to Norway!
      So firstly: I think you are doing it the wrong way, tbh. You want to do Gothenburg – Norway coast up to Trondheim (FANTASTIC area! And you will hit all the great sceneries like the North Sea Road, the Hardanger Fjord, Geiranger Fjord, Atlantic Road etc), cross over to Sundsvall and return along the (boring, I must say) Swedish coast to Malmö. 12 days is sufficient, if you use Germany and Sweden as merely transport legs. I assure you – you will not regret doing it this way 🙂 Let me know your thoughts, and I can draw you a route, if you wish – although most are already posted in the “Routes” section.

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    • Or even better: Ride all the way to Hirtshals in DK. Take the 3.5 hrs crossing by ferry to Kristiansand – the do the coast up to Trondheim etc.

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  22. Gintaras

    Many thanks, Hans!
    I plan to piece my route together from your posted routes and will enter Norway from Finland and ride south, hopefully stopping at a rally along the way to have a beer or some akvavit. Will probably spend 2 1/2 weeks riding Norway (first 2 weeks in August?) with no particular plan beyond your recommendations. Somewhere in the south of Norway, I will have to speed up a bit to get across to Denmark and Germany in order to transit through through Poland to Lithuania and park the bike. Have to be at Heathrow in the UK on Thursday 30/08/18. Any recommendations for how to plan for the “bottom” of my Scandinavian adventure?



    Hi Hans,

    I thought that 6000 km round Norway trip in 1975, round all the fjords in an old Merc with 3 other German teenagers over 3 weeks on rough grit roads in mostly rain and sleet in June -had cured me of Norway for all time.

    But then in 2009 I met an old love, still with his oldie ’78 Goldie GL1000-wives long gone- and then we kind of shacked up. At any rate, we went halves on that wretchedly seductive BMW K16 GT in 2011.
    Seismic shocks in Northern Germany, Holly changing from Honda to Be em double you.
    “Can’t wait at our time of life until BMW sort out all teething problems. But hold onto Goldie, as she’ll still run when all Electronics on high tech K16 have long failed”

    And failures and teething probs there was aplenty. But so were the shared miles, 150.000 km by now, divided between Goldie’s 23 k and two K16s, as we crashed the first one. Sudden low sun emerged from behind clouds, flying blind at 100 kmh, chafed a post, wobbled but not toppled, broke a few toes, but are here to tell the tale and to keep riding into the sunset, for now.

    So in 2015 we toured to destination Kopparberg in Sweden via Kiel-Oslo and up to Sognefjord, Lom and across the fells direction Mora, Sweden. A lovely trip and one to catch up on half a bygone century as regards me and Norway.

    So my driver Holly has a life’s ambition to head for the Nordkapp.
    Hm, been there, done that, got the reindeer bag – must I do this again? Memories of slow dusty grit roads loom again, dour old Norwegians, until we German teenagers twigged it might be something to do with those atrocious war crimes of our grandfathers…so who could blame those old Norwegians for not exactly clutching us, the offshoot to their bosom?
    Still, Norway was another country then, before the halcyon days of “oil”.

    A bit of that modest “grit your teeth and make do” mentality still seems present in the old Norwegians, but then the younger ones,too, delight in such masochistic pursuits as jumping into frozen lakes, sitting stoically on ice for hours and catching no fish or riding motor bikes and camping outdoors at -12°C-sends shivers down my spine right down to my pampered BMW bum heated bum…

    So to come to my point eventually:
    Your enthusiasm for your beautiful country is so infectious,Hans, that you well nigh succeed where Holly did not: to lure me onto that second run up to the Nordkapp,
    Your itinerary and tips for touring are great, so we’ll follow those and benefit from your experience.

    Yes, you created a lovely blog, it’s great to see, that is a meeting spot for an international biking lot gathering here, and perhaps we’ll meet some at one or other Norwegian MC Treff.

    So thanks again for all the info and crazy winter pics!

    sigi und holly

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    • What a wonderful story! I would be happy to wish you welcome back whenever you find time to come. Actually, I do think you deserve a second go at Nordkapp. Let me know when you are heading towards Norway so we can meet for a beer or two.


  24. I reckon, all things being equal I’m heading to Norway this summer on my 2003 Honda XRV750. I want to cross the Artic Circle by 21/6/19


  25. Jill Goldsborough

    We are in St Petersburg Florida USA. We are just planning our vacation for next June or July (2020). We both ride Street Glides and want to ride Norway. We have read about Trollstigen, that has inspired our journey. Are there bike rentals in Norway? Can you point me towards the best websites to plan our journey?


    • Hi there. This website can help you. Browse it and you will find answers to most – if not all – of your questions. Welcome!


      • Steve Smith

        Good Afternoon Hans

        Came across your site, researching toll charges, for a forthcoming trip (July next year) from the UK to Nordkapp and finish Alta (Fly home), really impressive site, and lots of useful information.
        I would welcome any suggestions or advice you may have.

        There are 24 bikes in total, 12 (including me) will ride from UK to Nordkapp finish Alta, and 12 will fly into Alta, then ride Alta – Nordkapp – Rotterdam (3 of the luckier ones retired)are actually riding all the way down to Gibraltar.

        I manage a haulage company in the UK, so one of our trucks is going to transport the 12 southern leg bikes upto to Alta and then return with mine and the remainder from Alta back to the UK

        Various bikes mix of BMW – Suzuki – Yamaha all big touring machines (mine is a Yamaha FJR1300)

        My intended time and route at the moment, is to depart Hull – Rotterdam on Thursday 2nd July 2020, intending to arrive Alta (having been upto to Nordkapp) by tea time on Friday 10th July, routing via Hirtshall-Kristiansand and largely following the E69 North, with an occasional detour as the opportunity presents itself.

        Looks achievable on paper, intend to have a big day 1st day (Rotterdam – Aalborg) then relatively relaxed 250 -280 mile days thereafter.

        In your considered opinion, is this doable, any accommodation suggestions would be greatly appreciated

        Kind regards

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  26. Hi, welcome to Norway, and thank you for your kind words. Your itinerary seems ambitious, but should be doable with long days in the saddle. 250 to 280 miles a day may be a handful in Norway. Poor weather may put extra strain on your riders, and speed limits are slower than what you may be used to. I do not think you have much time for many detours from the main roads, so plan carefully. Accomodation is plentyful and in all price ranges – check out the Norway FAQ main page for info. As you are many riders going in the high season, I would recommend booking early, meaning several months ahead of your trip. Good luck in your preparations!


  27. matthew mccormack

    Hi Hans
    can you recommend a good road map of Norway, travelling from Ireland in July, Kristiansand up, have 15 days on my honda st 1300


  28. geert-jan merks

    Hi Hans,

    First of all: great web site!!! Interesting info and details.Hope you are doing well.

    I am thinking, now Covid travell restrictions are being reduced, to plan a roundtrip Norway for july/august this year. Roughly arriving with ferry to Oslo, take a straight route to Nordkapp and drive by coastal roads back to Oslo. Off course with my old compagnion Guzzi ;-).

    What is your expectation about tourist facilities this year? Are they opening for the summer season? Or is this ‘funny’ year going to be a lost season?
    Any advice is welcome….

    Kind regards,

    Geert-Jan (from the Netherlands)


    • Hi Geert-Jan – welcome to Norway! Most facilities are open, trying to recuperate from the Corona measures, so you should be fine. I’m just back from a trip to Hardanger in the West, and all places I were at was open.


  29. nadhira

    hello Hans! thank you for this amazing blog, my father is an avid bike rider in our country and he is interested to experience some riding adventure in Norway. he is asking whether it is common to ride lower CC bike such as 125 to 250 cc in Norway, because we only find large CC motorcycles for rent. do you have any idea on where we can get these kinds of motorcycles? we are planning to tour the country next year. thanks so much Hans!

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    • Hi there, thank you for your kind words 🙂 Touring on 125 or 250 cc is no problem. I have done it several times myself, and many do. I have even toured on a 50 cc pizza delivery moped. I am not aware of any rentals in the 125/250 segment, but let me do some checking. An option is of course to buy one, as they are fairly cheap (at least for Norwegian standards) and sell it afterwards. For how long will he be touring?


      • nadhira

        That’s a great news. He may stay in Norway for 1 month but he won’t be touring for that amount of time, probably 1-2 weeks.
        We also have thought to buy one but we’re not permanent residents in Norway, so I think it will be difficult to sell afterwards. However, do you have recommended website to look for the low cc motorcycles up for sales or even rent? I looked at finn.no, but I don’t know if it’s the right website to search for what I am looking for. Thanks!



      • Hi, if buying one is an option, finn.no is definitely the place to start searching. I cannot seem to find rentals doing 125 or 250 cc, though. There is a rental service where you can rent private bikes while still being properly insured. There are some 125 cc scooters available there, it seems. I have never tried it before myself, so please research the service before doing any agreements: https://www.hygglo.no/category/2431-motorsykler


  30. Only just discovered your site Hans, thanks for this!
    I’m from the Netherlands and planning a trip to my uncle in Stavanger. Now I’ve seen all the pics on your site I’ll be sure to add at least another week for exploring.

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  31. In extension of my previous message, I’m hoping to discover some nice unpaved paths. When doing some “desk discovery” on google maps however, it seems that many interesting roads end in a dead end.
    Do you have any tips on long (gravel) paths, preferably in the southern half of Norway? Or maybe more important: if a road dead-ends (after a few km’s) is this usually indicated by a sign?


    • Road ends are usually indicated by sign. This may not be the case if on gravel roads. I have no good oversight over the area, I’m afraid. The TET Norway page has a great route, but it’s quite a bit North-East. You may want to post your question at the Norwegian Off-Road Touring Club’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/otcmc/


      • Thanks for the link! Going to drop these guys a line.
        Of course the best way to discover is still to just go and see what happens. In any case, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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  32. My pleasure. Remember to send me some images of your journey which I can post on this page, duly crediting you, of course. 🙂

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  33. Henry Mawson (Henry Motoloco on fb)

    Hello Hans,
    3 of us are planning a trip to NordKapp late May/ June 2022. While gathering ideas of what to see, i came across your blog. Thanks for taking the time, lots of handy tips and great photos. We have a month to get from Liverpool to Nordkapp and back, so we are not too rushed.
    Could you tell me, is there a site that lists favourite and free camping sites. Weather permitting we intend to spend many nights under canvas.
    Thanks again and ride safe.

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  34. Hi Hans Petter,
    I just recently stumbled upon your site – a lot of great info for moto-travelling in Norway!
    Looks like we have a common interest in guiding foreigners to the best sites and roads in our great country:-)
    Here is my contribution: https://bucketlistnorway.com

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