Follow Marc to Nordkapp

German musician-goes-motorcycle-traveller Marc and his trusty Honda Dominator goes to Nordkapp this year.

This image is from Marc’s homepage, taken by himself while in Portugal.

Marc’s incredible talent in video making first makes you wonder if he has a camera crew following him. But no. This is all the handiwork of this talented guy. With a keen sense of storytelling, aided by a drone and his 33 year old Honda Dominator, he is single-handedly documenting his great journey through Norway (and a bit in Sweden) on his way to the North Cape.

Marc is a musician pulled off his career by the covid pandemic, when all shows and gigs were cancelled. As he explains on his web site, he got into motorcycle traveling just to have something to do. But lo and behold: He has made himself a brand new career! In the time of writing this, he is close to 40.000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, which covers travels to Iceland as well as his endeavours in Norway.

This is Marc’s video from when he crossed the Atlantic Ocean Road in Nordmøre.

Being a great storyteller, he lets you in on his impressions and insights in Norway motorcycle travel, and he keenly depicts the great people he meets underway.

If you ever needed more inspiration for going to Norway: Check out Marc’s YouTube channel as well as Instagram images. Oh, and you can support his great work by buying his merch. It’s cool and aids his possibility to make us more great videos.

Safe travels, Marc!

Marc and his Honda Dominator, an image from his website – presumably from his Iceland travels.
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2 thoughts on “Follow Marc to Nordkapp

  1. His Youtube show is very addictive. Once you saw a episode you want more. Remarkable is his cinematic way of shooting his trip. If you start thinking about the fact he does it all alone, this is without doubt high end content. Working with Ikegami cameras for years, i know what it takes to shoot documentaries and edit them. It takes a lot. Being a motocrosser and rally rider most of my life, i also know what it takes to make long distance rides. Also a lot. Put this trades together and you will get a very special result. Go watch and become hooked up.


    • Thanks for commenting, and I totally agree. It is actually quite spectacular, what he manages to do on his own. I have once in a while tried to film my own rides around Norway, but I do not have the skills nor patience to do what he does. I think I’ll let his videos speak for themselves.


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