Can I go to Norway now?

The Corona virus is still roaming the world and will most lightly not go away anytime soon. This, of course, has an impact on travel to Norway too, even for next riding season.

Norwegian health authorities are updating their travel guidance once every week, usually on Fridays. They operate with two country colours, yellow and red. If you arrive to Norway from a yellow country, you are not required to go into a mandatory 10 day quarantine. If, on the other hand, you arrive from a red country, 10 day quarantine is mandatory. Breaching the quarantine will invoke heavy monetary penalties and expulsion from Norway, and you are exposing other people to a serious health hazard – do NOT breach the quarantine! You will be checked at the border and also offered a virus test. This is on a voluntary basis, but you – as a motorcyclist – are of course by default a socially responsible and competent individual, so you will take the test.

The Authorities are in general recommending Norwegians to avoid travel abroad, even to yellow countries. Make sure you check also your own country’s travel advisory when planning your bike trip here.

The colour coding of the countries change rapidly, so make sure you stay abreast of the development by following the advice from the National Institute of Public Health when planning your motorcycle adventure in Norway.

Enjoy your planning, and stay safe!

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