20 December: Top 3 Summer M/C Rallies in Norway

RideNorway is counting down to Winter Solstice with trip planning tips and trivia!

20 December: Top 3 summer motorcycle rallies in Norway

If there are any of the lists presented so far that are slightly biased, this must be it. It is purely based on personal preferences. What is true for any proper motorcycle rally in Norway, though, is that they tend to be smaller and more intimate than the huge continental rallies. Most of our rallies attract some 200-400 riders, but the quality of the attendance is genuinely top shelf! Here is our top 3 list:



No, it’s not a boat race: The Pekaill Rally organizers ships you off shore for shrimps and beverages if the weather is fair. (Image: RideNorway)

1. The Pekaill Rally

Located at the islands of Aver√ły in the North-West of Norway, this rally is as good as it gets. The organizers goes the extra mile to accomodate visiting riders. If the weather is fair, they usually organize a boat trip, serving shrimps and beverage. The location of the rally is itself worth the visit. All are welcome, and foreign riders in particular. Usually held in August. Ask your questions at the organizer’s Facebook page to learn more.



Evje – the rally where winter riders end their season and summer riders start theirs. (Image: RideNorway.com)

2. The Evje Spring Rally

Held in the last weekend of April at Kilefjorden Camping in Evje, not far from the ferry port of Kristiansand, the Evje Spring Rally is where the winter riders end their season and the summer riders opens theirs. The organizers are a helpful and friendly bunch, making sure that everyone feels welcome and are having a good time.



Bring your GS, Tenere, Husky, KTM or whatnot, and enjoy the Bukkerittet Offroad Rally! (Image: RideNorway.com)

3. Bukkerittet

This is for the gravel fans among you. The losely organized people in the aptly named Offroad Touring Club comes together in August each year, mainly at Grimsbu Turistsenter, to ride the miles and miles of gravel roads in the area. All are welcome, but do bring a tent as the cabins at Grimsbu are booked for this weekend for years to come.

Any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!


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