12 December: Top 3 reasons to choose a motorcycle when visiting Norway

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12 December: The top 3 reasons why you should choose a motorcycle for visiting Norway.

Of course you, as the die-hard rider that you are, know that there are only one way to visit Norway – or indeed any country on the planet – which is by motorcycle. Nothing beats the feeling of fresh air, control of you bike, a nice curve or chewing flies that somehow managed to get between your mouth and the visor. But did you know that Norway is particularly catering for motorcyclists? Here are the top 3 reasons why a bike is the way to go when visiting this country:

20170807_093032042_iOS (2)

Bikes park for free, and are excempt from road, bridge and tunnel tolls. (Image: RideNorway.com)

1. No road tolls

Yep, it’s true. You do not pay road tolls, bridge crossing fees or any other fees for using the roads. You are free to roam. Most places you don’t even pay for parking. There is only one tunnel where you need to pay – the undersea tunnel from Aver√ły to Kristiansund – but that is also so cheap for bikes that you really won’t mind.



They do not recognize us – but refrain from speeding nevertheless. Safety first – then wallet. (Image: wikipedia.org)

2. Speed cameras don’t recognize bikes

Do not take this as an invitation to speed. It isn’t, and you may get caught by a highway patrol – and getting caught for speeding is expensive. But in the event that you in a moment of inspiration or plain joy pass a speed camera in a somewhat higher speed than what is indicated on the signs – do not despair. Norway is governed by rule of law, and nobody can be charged or penalized if you are not properly identified. Behind a helmet, your face is obscured and proper identification is impossible. Therefore, the lawmakers have stated that speed cameras will not and cannot detect motorcycles and its rider.


Norway takes care of you as a rider. You can even use the bus lanes. (Image: NMCU.org)

3. You can use bus lanes

Our lawmakers have recognized that riders are more vulnerable than other road users (bar pedestrians and bicyclists), which is why the allow for riders to use the bus lanes. It is in other words a safety measure just for us. This is particularly handy when nearing the bigger towns and cities of Norway. When nearing a traffic jam, just swoop over to the bus lane, and off you go. You can also filter between the cars in a jam situation, if there are no bus lanes. Handy, right?

We told you that Norway is made for riding. Agree?

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