Winter wanderlust

The Primus Rally. It’s one to tell the grandchildren about. Last weekend, the umpteenth (47th or something) edition was organized. Or rather: Not organized.


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That is the thing about the Primus Rally. People just turn up at the right spot at the right time every year. It’s not organized with party tents and beer etc (people bring it themselves), unlike the Dragon Rally or the Elefanten Treffen. What you bring is what you get. And for the regulars, this is exactly what they want. No fuzz, a lot of fun, new friends, and another story to tell. This year saw riders from many countries in Europe, and the attendance was pretty big for a somewhat standard year (e.g. no anniversary or anything), a guesstimation of some 150 bikes, give or take. Enjoy some of the images from a brilliant weekend (I only attended as a day tripper on Saturday, whereas some arrived as early as Wednesday). Enjoy the images – and seek out the Primus Rally Group on Facebook if you need info. They’re a helpful bunch.

When: Every last full weekend in February.
Where: Fjorda at Bjoneroa in Oppland County, South-East Norway (some 1.5 hrs from Oslo).

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8 thoughts on “Winter wanderlust

  1. Amazing I can’t imagine riding in such weather

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  2. Well, stop wondering and get over here for some serious winter riding πŸ™‚

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  4. Too cold from a man from down-under where I only have to turn the heated grips on for a few days during each winter. Hope you don’t mind but I have re blogged this page. You guys are just so tough. Also congratulations to Norway for blitzing the winter Olympics.

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    • Mark Evans

      Hi there,,is the primus still going ahead in 2019,,,i am very interested in doing a winter rally in Norway? Ihave a bmwr1200gsa since last October, i just done the TT,got a couple of rallies to do in july and october ,and would love to do the primus.
      Was looking at the krystal rally norway, but apparently its hotel only, at 195 quid per night ,,its out of the equation,, rather spend it on extra miles through baltic region than hotels and ferries.


  5. Mark Evans

    Forgot to mention,i will be riding from south wales.


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