Frosty fun

A smaller, but nevertheless friendly and funny winter rally is the Agder Frost Rally. The rally is held in January, and should be visited by any discerning winter rider.

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The Agder Frost is not a big rally. A handful of riders, but nevertheless a long standing tradition and a lot of fun. Of course. Here are some images from this year’s Agder Frost, kindly provided by Sigmund Hornberg and Halvor Nyquist.

If you want to attend, you can find the organizers – or rather, the guys that usually go – on their Facebook page. You may have to ask to be accepted into the group, but that is only a minor formality. Ask you questions, and you will get all the info you need. The rally is usually held near Svenes, and is conveniently accessible from the ferry port of Kristiansand, from which it is some 70 kms to the rally site.

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2 thoughts on “Frosty fun

  1. Matthew Mccormack

    Hi Hans
    Planning a trip next year 2020, Your Blog has inspired me to Norway. I will be riding from Galway Ireland on my pan ST 1300 overland via uk /Netherlands to Hirtshals Denmark and Ferry to Kristiansand Norway, I have 18 days in total and planning to ride to Artic Circle, Lofoten Islands, Troillstigen,,Atlantic Road. Can you recommend a Route from Kristiansand to achieve my plan in 18 Days



    • Hi Matthew, welcome to Norway! Check out the route suggestions page, but basically you can’t go wrong whichever road you choose. Follow the coast to Stavanger and head north. You’re in for a great ride!


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