So – you want to ride your motorcycle to Norway?

You have seen all the classic images of Norway. Of the Geiranger fjord, the Atlantic Road, the Lofoten Islands and the North Cape with its midnight sun. And you wonder: “What if I took my bike there?”

Keep calm and go to Norway

Photo: Dean Marshall

Then you start worrying about everything from weather to costs, and in the end you dismiss the whole idea, even though you know you will regret that you didn’t follow your dreams.

Fortunately, you have stumbled upon this blog – or rather a repository of tips, tricks and routes – which is here to tell you that it is far easier to experience Norway by bike than you perhaps imagined. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to ride Norway – even in the coldest depths of winter, if you are of the really adventurous type.

Come on over, and be amazed. Norway is truly motorcycle heaven!

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4 thoughts on “So – you want to ride your motorcycle to Norway?

  1. Hi there,
    I am a bike lover and loved to ride. It will be awesome if i could ride my bike in Lofoten Islands. This place outstanding for riders.


  2. John Askham

    Hello from Florida,
    Let me preemptively apologise for what I suspect is a really dumb question. I was Norway in October 2019 & day drove from Kristiansand to Pulpit Rock, Preikestolen and surrounding areas. Ok, here goes….. if I were to bring a Harley with me (yeah..yeah, I know…why?) what would you recommend? I was thinking of something that can actually go around a corner like a Dyna? In the Harley world…. what do Norwegians ride..what’s popular? Thanks in advance?
    Aussie John in Miami.
    PS….I don’t won a Ducati cuz if I did I wouldn’t be bothering you, I’d be bringing that.


    • 😂 Great question, thanks! The easy answer is – any Harley. Even any bike. If you like cornering, bring your most cornering-capable Harley. If you like cruising, bring your cruiser. You’ll find roads suiting any bike. And welcome back!


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